The Next Web posted September 15 2013

This post comes courtesy of Fueled, a mobile design and developmentcompany based in New York and London. You can read more posts like it at the Fueled blog. Brooke Pendleton currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she manages marketing and operations for a tech startup.

When considering the business landscape of Atlanta, Georgia, most people think of a handful of corporate behemoths such as Delta, Coca-Cola and CNN, just to name a few. While the city is best known for these Goliaths, the “Capital of the South” is fast becoming home to an active community of technology startups and digitally focused “Davids”.

Atlanta’s low cost of living, an ever-growing population of young professionals, four very livable seasons (although they do call it Hotlanta for a reason) and the presence of first-rate colleges like Georgia Tech and Emory have all contributed to a tenacious and diverse start-up scene that rivals any major market in quality, if not quantity. Below are ten promising companies that show that Atlanta has definitely not gone with the wind.

Founders Hugh Malkin and Adam Wilson built HUGECITY to answer the pervasive question: what’s going on tonight? Pulling from the thousands of Facebook events created everyday (whether you’ve been invited or not), HUGECITY’s iOS app and website tell you what’s going on nearby and who in your network is attending.

The app will recommend events based on your own social profile and allow you to coordinate with your friends without the dreaded mass text. With big dreams of becoming the universal social calendar, the team’s focus has been on member acquisition over monetization. The good news is that there are many potential directions for the company to go in and it benefits from being one of the first event discovery apps out there.