Atlanta Business Radio X posted this on May 7, 2012

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Hugh Malkin/HugeCity

Hugh’s natural curiosity leads him to constantly question how the things around him work and if they can be better. Hugh has worked in several exciting industries from Formula 1 to LED lighting in Europe and North America. HugeCity is Hugh’s first venture into social media. Hugh is responsible for HugeCity’s overall direction, financing and business development.

Adam Wilson/HugeCity

Fueled by coffee, Adam has an incredible ability to bring ideas into reality. He can solve complex problems that have never been faced before and teach himself new technologies as he goes. Adam has experience from user interfaces for Mars missions to public health alert messaging systems. He’s responsible for bringing HugeCity to life on your computer and on your phone.

HugeCity finds the events important to you and happening around you. It connects you to what your friends are doing on facebook. You see what you like and where it is. The site syncs up with facebook to map out all of your friends’ events around the world.

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Their mission at HugeCity is to get people involved, locally and globally, enjoying the world around us.