by Tova Gelfond Photography by Austin Holt

The app-creating, web-coding, mobile-developing world is an innovative place. This realm is teeming with ways to make life easier, faster and more connected. Not to mention that the profits for developing the “next big thing” are, well, impressive. So when the next LinkedIn, Instagram or Foursquare pops up, people take notice. Which is why we’ve got all eyes on Hugecity, a site and soon-to-be-app that completely changes the way that you discover and keep track of Facebook events. And this modern marvel isn’t restricted to the South, or even the nation - it spans the entire world. When catching up with Co-Founder Hugh Malkin outside his Atlanta-based office, he mentioned that he had just shown someone how to benefit from the site in Peru. #impressed

Up until now, keeping track of events - for business or individuals - meant that the only way you could see a Facebook event was if you were invited to it. You could not see what was going on right around the corner from you. In this Spotified, Scoutmobbed world of instant gratification, this rouse seemed archaic to Malkin and his friend and Co-Founder Adam Wilson. Their resulting frustrations led them to see out a better way to keep track of all those art strolls, underground dinner clubs, neighborhood bands and beer festivals.

“We started by compelling events from lots of different sources and we quickly realized that Facebook had all of the events,” Malkin says. “It made sense because Facebook is the first place everyone puts events up to get the word out.” So when partner, Wilson )who worked as software developer at the CDC), and Malkin committed to finding another way to utilize all this information. Hugecity was born.

Basically, the site shows you all of the Facebook events happening around you. You get to see all of your events on a map, and see which events your friends are going to. The public Facebook events from each person who logs in is added to the map for everyone to see. Hugecity does not curate the events, or prioritize them; you do. The more people using it, and the more pages you like, the more events are populated into your view.

Imagine this: you have a night off and feel like hitting the town. What are you going to do? What is even going on? Just log into Hugecity and you can pick and choose whatever you want to do and with whoever you want to see. All the information you are looking for - date, time, location, photos, videos - is right there for you. Yeah, we were thinking the same thing: “Why didn’t I think of that?!” It’s simple: and it’s genius. 

With the anticipated launch of the Hugecity app this April, the worldwide tech community is taking notice. And you will, too. When you do, you’ll find that your city - no matter where you are in the world - is not as small as you thought. In fact, it’s HUGE.