A tastemaker is a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable. During the user interviews for Hugecity, we identified a set of tastemakers who were mega users of Hugecity. It was the tool they used to find everything that was happening in their city. They ran blogs, groups, emails, radio stations, newspapers, TV, … They had platforms that they wanted to show that they knew what was happening in the city. Constantly curating lists of events takes a lot of time and it is very mundane. One online magazine told me that they spend 7 hours a week building their list of events just for one city. 

We created the Hugecity widget to simply show select events as a list and map plugin on any website. Any click on the widget pointed back to Hugecity. Tastemakers got an easy to manage event list and map and we got traffic.

The widget was highly customizable. Users could change color, size and content. It could default to show a map or a list. Tastemakers could control the list by showing the events they liked from Hugecity, what they attended on Facebook, the events with the most attendees, and more all within a an area that they controlled.